George Khananaev

Israel based Full Stack Developer & Python enthusiast.
Currently working at Moon Holidays as a Full Stack Developer & IT Manager.


About me

I am a dedicated software developer boasting extensive experience in e-commerce automations and diverse Python-based business applications. Renowned for my non-traditional approach, I consistently introduce innovative ideas and enhancements to projects. Interestingly, beyond the realm of coding, I harbor a passion for globetrotting, having explored over 50 countries to date. Of all my travels, Japan left an indelible mark on me, capturing my heart with its rich culture and delectable cuisine. Motivated by this profound connection, I decided to channel my enthusiasm into a culinary pursuit. Delving into the intricacies of Japanese culture, I undertook the challenge of mastering the art of Japanese cuisine. Today, in addition to my role as a software developer, I take pride in my secret identity as a skilled sushi chef

  • Location:Center, Israel
  • Age:35
  • Nationality:Israeli
  • Interests:Development, Technology, Cooking
  • Study:HackerU Collage, Israel
  • Employment:Moon Holidays, Remote Developer


Java, OCA

HackerU Collage2022-2023

Pursuing advanced studies in Java Full-Stack with a specialized emphasis on mobile applications development. Integrating cutting-edge frameworks and methodologies to cultivate a contemporary and versatile skill set.

Python Course


Proficient in Python, with advanced expertise in utilizing libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Requests, Flask, and other sophisticated tools to enhance programming capabilities.


Full Stack Developer & IT Manager.

Moon Holidays, BangkokDec 2022 - Present
  • As an IT Manager, I am dedicated to ensuring the security, reliability, and scalability of our organization's IT systems. My role involves strategically planning and implementing technologies and systems to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. Beyond my core responsibilities, I actively engage in strategic planning and decision-making. Collaborating closely with executives and stakeholders, I ensure that our IT strategy aligns seamlessly with the broader goals and objectives of the organization.
  • In a span of 5 months, I successfully conceptualized and developed an entire system to manage our offline contracts, attractions, hotels, and transportation services. This comprehensive system involved the creation of dozens of integrations with external APIs, including Agoda,, Google Cloud, Cloudflare, Twilio, Firebase, and real-time currency exchange functionalities. Constructed entirely from scratch, the system utilizes Python and React Next.js, showcasing scalability and the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies. Noteworthy features include the utilization of Dragonfly in place of Redis for enhanced performance and encryption measures. The system is designed to be architecture-agnostic, capable of installation on any infrastructure, and operates within Docker containers, utilizing a NoSQL database to ensure flexibility and efficient deployment. This transformation significantly altered the way our company operates, leading to increased productivity and overall efficiency. This endeavor stands as a testament to my commitment to fostering innovation and efficiency within the organization.

Backend Software Developer

Majestier, Singapore2019 - 2022
  • Spearheaded the development of a Python-based backend system from inception, seamlessly synchronizing data across various ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, including eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more in real-time.
  • Engineered data analysis tools, reports, and other automations using Python to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Proficiently utilized AWS services, including RDS, VPS, and Linux-based servers, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
  • Nurtured strong customer relationships, actively engaging with clients to discern and address their evolving business needs.

Automation and Integration Developer

Kanzezol, Israel2016 - 2019
  • Pioneered the development of Python and VBA-based automations for ecommerce stores, significantly enhancing customer service efficiency by eliminating routine tasks.
  • Applied data-driven decision-making to continually refine and optimize software functionality, ensuring alignment with evolving business requirements.


Spoken languages
Frontend development
Backend development
Mobile development
React Native

My Favorite Technologies

Python 3+
Fast API
Home Assistant
Oracle Cloud
JetBrain IDE
Mui Framework
חנן חננייב - רב סרן במילואים ומנכל עמותה לקידום צעירים יוצאי קווקאז

Without doubt one of the most talented programmers out there. I always go back to George when I'm out of my depth and he's never failed to deliver what I ask for. Smart, trustworthy and professional.

-- Hanan Hananaev

צוריאל נימני - הנדסאי באלביט

I've known George for many years now, he's a very smart and talented guy. He always strives for the best in what he does, and you can be certain that he will not let you down.

-- Tzuriel Nimni

מרינה רפפורט - לוחמת בצהל לשעבר, בעלת תואר ביחסי מדינה וחוץ ועובדת ממשלתית

Any problem, malfunction or other hardware or software related issue that so called experts can't find or refuse to handle with hundred of excuses such as: not worth it, impossible. George probably will do quickly and hassle free. Very glad that I've met him and always able to direct to him some of my challenges. For sure, one of the most talented guys I've ever met.

-- Marina Rapaport

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